Aurora Intel Case Study

using satellite imagery to challenge fake news across the globe


Founded in October 2018, Aurora Intel provides up to date news and intelligence to the masses via Twitter @AuroraIntel. Represented by a team passionate about investigative journalism, they strive to provide quick and accurate news, specialising in geopolitical across Israel and the Middle East.


The organisation is always looking for additional data sources to help validate tip-offs, compile facts and accompany their analysis and reporting. The team recognised the value of using up-to-date satellite imagery as a data source, which is perfect for validating ground truths in a timely manner.

Most recently, Aurora Intel reported on the oil attacks in Saudi Arabia using imagery from Bird.i (see below.)

Aurora Intel (@AuroraIntel) September 16, 2019


In August and September, Aurora Intel also used imagery from the Bird.i Image Service platform for verification of airbase site status in Damascus.


Aurora Intel (@AuroraIntel) September 4, 2019


To allow Aurora Intel to share their findings online, they have subscribed to the Bird.i Image Service with a derivative license. This license allows for imagery to be shared externally. To find out more about our licenses, check out our Licensing and Use Case FAQs.


  • Bird.i collates imagery from multiple providers, meaning Aurora Intel have more image choice to validate their stories
  • Offering imagery from multiple providers gives them the assurance that what they’re seeing is the latest satellite image available in the marketplace.
  • The imagery itself provides indisputable evidence to tell us what’s really happening on the ground, helping to verify Aurora Intel’s news.
  • Aurora Intel has minimised the need for ground resources to report in potentially dangerous environments.
  • Lower costs to procure supporting imagery.


“Bird.i has enabled me to get imagery around the globe quickly and effortlessly. It has become one of the key tools in my arsenal for investigative journalism and geopolitical conflict analysis. The interface is clean and simple to use. The support team behind the scenes have been proactive to any requests I have. I can’t fault them, I look forward to seeing this product grow and I am excited to be a part of it.”

– David, Aurora Intel

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