Satellite Imagery for Construction

Find and assess land for development, track build progress, and monitor large property portfolios with the latest high resolution, up-to-date satellite imagery.


    find and assess land for development

    Identifying and assessing potential development sites relies on current and comprehensive data. Using up-to-date satellite imagery as part of this data mix offers a source of visual truth to the decision-making process. The ability to access present and historical views of a site can not only give you a clear record of how the area and its surroundings have changed over time, but also help you to pre-qualify sites on your shortlist, saving you valuable inspection time.


    track & record progress

    Monitoring the progress of globally distributed projects often involves relying on second-hand information or physically travelling to a site to get the full picture. Using regularly-updated satellite imagery enables build progress to be tracked remotely, saving valuable time and resources. Having access to historical imagery of the site allows builders and project managers to keep an indisputable photographic record of how a site is progressing over time which could be used to accompany developer reports, project management updates, or site assessments. In addition, the ability to explore areas remotely means you can keep a close eye on any competitor activity in the area, even if you’re on the other side of the world.


    monitor your portfolio

    With a large property portfolio, operations and maintenance management can be challenging. From identifying roof ponding to spotting encroaching shrubbery, access to up-to-date high-resolution satellite images allows you to keep a close eye on your property and the surrounding landscape – allowing you to spot potential issues before they become major problems. Bird.i’s platform adds a valuable layer of timely, tangible and evidence-based information into portfolio monitoring; allowing you to prioritise and deploy maintenance efficiently, no matter where you are.


    add value to your platform

    Give your end-users an additional layer of valuable insight by offering up-to-date satellite imagery within your construction management software, CAD program, or data intelligence tool. Whether the imagery is used to accompany progress reports, assist macro-analysis for business intelligence or support micro-analysis of individual sites, Bird.i’s imagery has a wealth of applications and can be integrated with your existing systems via API.


    detect new sites automatically

    Bird.i has designed and developed proprietary Artificial Intelligence models to automatically detect new construction projects as well as track the progress of existing ones, allowing our customers to perform large scale trend analysis, as well as identify individual new projects for their own systems and products. Find out more about our New Construction Tracker here.

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