Whether you’re keeping an eye on existing real estate, monitoring the progress of new projects, or scouting locations for upcoming builds, Bird.i’s Image Service gives you an unparalleled, up-to-date view of the world to meet your construction business’ needs.


  • monitoring existing portfolios

    When you have a large or disparate property portfolio, monitoring projects can be challenging. Using up-to-date satellite images, you can keep an eye not only on the buildings themselves (for degradation and physical damage), but on the surrounding area to scout impactful physical or competitor activity. Having access to a constantly updated stream of satellite images adds a valuable layer of timely, tangible and evidence-based information into portfolio monitoring, greatly reducing the costs of physical inspections.

  • tracking progress on new projects

    Monitoring the progress of construction projects is a time-consuming task, often using second hand information or requiring to travel to the site. By taking advantage of satellite images you can remotely see the progress of projects over time, giving you a first hand source of truth to include in your monitoring. Regular checks using satellite imagery can help to in prioritise sites requiring physical investigations.

  • finding locations for upcoming developments

    When scouting locations for new construction projects, time can be wasted in identifying candidate areas, as well as physically visiting sites which don’t meet the criteria. By adding fresh satellite imagery into the decision-making process, you can get a true, up-to-date view of locations, saving you time and helping inform your choices.

  • identifying new construction projects automatically

    A key marker of economic activity in a region is the level of new construction taking place. This information can also be used to make informed decisions about the best locations for your next project. Bird.i has developed a fast growing World Index of Construction Projects which uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence techniques to automatically detect new construction projects and track the progress of existing ones, you can find out more in our Intelligence Service page.

WHITEPAPER: How to track construction sites from space

Learn how access to commercial satellite images is becoming much easier and the business benefits for the construction sector in monitoring assets and detecting changes over time.

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