Satellite Imagery for Oil & Gas

Access high-resolution satellite imagery for market intelligence, site exploration and monitoring pipelines, rigs & refineries.


    market intelligence & data support

    Up-to-date satellite imagery offers a powerful ‘true’ view of the Earth from above. Bird.i curates the very best of this imagery from the world’s leading satellite operators into our online platform, designed specifically for business use.

    Incorporating the latest satellite imagery into your market intelligence dataset can help to supplement, validate and support your existing data, adding a layer of visual truth to your decision making.


    exploration and site planning

    Planning oil and gas construction is a complex and costly process. Commissioning aerial inspections of pipelines, sites and rigs can be time-consuming and costly. Using the latest satellite imagery can help to inform your exploration and planning processes in a more cost-efficient way.

    With Bird.i’s global coverage, our portal can help with macro-analysis such as identifying suitable regions to explore, or finding potential sites and routes for new rigs, refineries or pipelines.

    Use satellite imagery to make upstream oil & gas decisions with an extra layer of confidence. You can even use the information to benchmark and track your assets against competitors, so you’re always in the know.


    operations, monitoring & asset protection

    Viewing a range of satellite images is a simple way to track asset construction, expansion and physical change across oil refineries, rigs and depots across the globe. Our ‘Saved Locations’ option allows you to monitor multiple projects of interest simultaneously, helping you to stay ahead in the marketplace.

    Protecting your oil and gas assets can be difficult, particularly if they are remote; travel costs can be very high. Monitor and prioritise visits to your existing assets by comparing and analysing snapshots over time to flag any potential hazards in the surrounding area.

    Satellite imagery is the perfect tool to help identify any right of way encroachment such as pipeline obstructions, environmental damage or unauthorised construction nearby.


    via online portal or API

    Our Image Service gives you instant access to up-to-date high-resolution imagery of oil and gas assets across the globe:

    • Search for locations using place name, address or co-ordinates
    • Compare images of a site or asset through time
    • Save locations of interest to easily revisit later
    • Zoom into images to take a closer look
    • Incorporate imagery into your existing software with our API

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