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Intelligence service

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence to give you the competitive edge.

Make more informed and timely decisions about what is changing on the ground. From new construction sites to the movement of commodities we put you ahead of the game.

Bird.i's Earth Observation AI

As well as providing easy access to up-to-date satellite images, we have built a unique computer vision and machine learning engine designed specifically for extracting actionable insights from earth observation data. Our team of engineers and data scientists are building a portfolio of products based on our core engine, to help solve our customer’s business needs. Through this growing portfolio we offer highly accurate and reliable systems, helping our customers to forecast more accurately and understand assets on a global scale.

Our Current Portfolio

  • new construction site detected

    Construction Tracking Global

    Satellite data is invaluable for construction asset monitoring, especially when those assets are globally distributed. What happens when that portfolio grows to hundreds or thousands of individual assets? Monitoring this manually, even using satellite imagery, can be very time consuming; that’s where Bird.i’s Construction Tracker comes in. By automatically analysing satellite images of these assets, our system can report if construction projects are on-hold or active as well as report by stage of construction. We can even detect new construction sites as they begin.

  • grain levels up 19%

    Grain Tracking

    By understanding and analysing the primary storage and distribution methods for corn and soya beans in the US, we have trained our system to monitor these assets on a daily basis – providing near real time reporting on any changes which could impact supply volumes. Using this information, we can predict increases or decreases in the grain supply – providing a valuable insight on a far more frequent basis than USDA reports. We use these reports as part of our validation process, ensuring they correlate to allow you to make informed decisions before everyone else

Empowering your Business

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    fit for purpose

    Our service can be applied to almost any area and physical asset. Share your business challenges with us, and we’ll work out how we can give you the data that makes a difference.

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    backed up with evidence

    By working with the best satellite and aerial imagery available, we automatically provide more accurate, up-to-date information. And that frees you up to decide how and where you assign your resources on the ground.

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    creating new opportunities

    More frequent updates and focused insights mean you can think about generating new sources of revenue. By increasing reports from quarterly to weekly. By exploring new sources of information. By gaining knowledge faster than competitors.

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    simple and scalable

    Our subscription model means you pay only for the information you need. We then deliver it through an API that integrates with existing systems. So our evidence automatically becomes part of your decision-making process.

How our Technology Works

  • data

    we work to understand the key visual factors which indicate change, then collect the data and prepare it for analysis.

  • crunching the numbers

    we run the data through our proprietary engine, which comprises 10 stages of analysis, to provide scores and confidence levels.

  • results

    we take the outputs from our system and transform them into a report, which can now be run again and again, giving you a constantly updating data source.

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