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Construction Intelligence (OLD)

utilising the power of artificial intelligence to give you the competitive edge

Make better-informed decisions about ground change, whether you want to automatically detect new construction sites or track existing project progress.

What is Bird.i Construction Intelligence?

To complement our Image Service, our Data Science team has built a unique computer vision and machine learning engine specifically designed for extracting meaningful insights from satellite imagery. Bird.i strives to offer accurate, reliable intelligence products which help our customers’ make better-informed decisions, backed by indisputable data. Automation helps teams to streamline their operations and improve efficiencies across previously arduous or manual processes.


From new construction sites to the movement of commodities, Bird.i’s Intelligence Service puts you ahead of the game.

Construction Intelligence Products

  • major site change detected

    Track Existing
    Construction Projects

    Bird.i’s Construction Progress Tracker automatically analyses satellite imagery over any given location to report if construction projects are active or on hold. We can also detect when new construction sites begin.



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Empower your Business

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    freshest imagery for ultimate accuracy

    We collate satellite imagery from the world leading suppliers. Using multiple sources means we have access to the freshest imagery available on the marketplace. Be assured the imagery you see in the Bird.i platform is the most up-to-date, usable imagery you can get.

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    insight is power

    By working with the best satellite and aerial imagery available, we automatically provide more accurate, up-to-date information. And that frees you up to decide how and where you assign your resources on the ground.

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    improve efficiency and profitability

    More frequent updates and focused insights mean you can think about generating new sources of revenue. By increasing reports from quarterly to weekly. By exploring new sources of information. By gaining knowledge faster than competitors.

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    simple and scalable solution

    Bird.i is all about transparency and simplicity. Our pricing model means you pay only for the information you need. We then deliver it through an API that integrates with existing systems. So our evidence automatically becomes part of your decision-making process.



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“As the world’s most trusted source for news, data and insight, Refinitiv has taken a revolutionary approach by choosing Bird.i for its construction intelligence platform, maximizing coverage and depth while ensuring the highest levels of factual integrity.”


Jaideep Singh, Head of Projects, Refinitiv

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