The New Construction Tracker

Stay ahead of the game by detecting new construction projects across the world, right from your desk, utilising the power of Bird.i’s machine learning technology.

What is the New Construction Tracker?

As part of Bird.i’s Intelligence Service, the New Construction Tracker (NCT) automatically detects new construction projects within optical earth-observation imagery and delivers these insights to customers in a simple, interpretable format. The core technology is based upon machine learning and computer vision algorithms which we have developed specifically for construction detection.

Working with the world’s leading operators, Bird.i has access to a range and volume of up-to-date satellite imagery with global coverage, enabling the NCT to deliver regular insights and imagery of new construction projects across the world.


The NCT offers a number of key benefits including:

  • Assurance of an accurate, up-to-date visual data source for analysis of remote sites
  • Automation of new construction site identification across the world
  • Cost/time reduction when finding and validating sites
  • Access to our database of newly-discovered construction projects

How does it work?

Our models have been trained to extract features from satellite imagery which indicate construction activity at the first stage of the build process. This could be as early as the ground being cleared or the first foundations being laid. The NCT will tag any new construction location meeting these criteria. Users can also view past imagery of the same area within the main Image Service user portal.

What data will I receive?

We want our customers to receive a wealth of data in a format that is easy to consume. There are three user interface elements as well as a report:

Interactive Map

A map which allows customers to see an overview of all projects which have been discovered and their location. This can be filtered by a variety of metrics, such as time period and type. This is provided as a simple map layer utilising a familiar navigation and interface environment for easy interpretation. It can also be edited by customers, allowing for easy custom updating or deduplication.


My Insights

We also provide a summary of insights for each of your subscribed locations. This can be found within ‘My Insights’ in the Bird.i portal. Here you can find the name, location ID, Image date, Geometry of the Insight, Centerpoint lat-long, Area (m sq) and a portal link to view the latest Insight over that area. This data can also be provided as a .csv file.



Image Portal

As well as viewing the thumbnail image in the Global Index, it is easy to immediately move to a larger view on our Image Service portal to have a more in-depth look and conduct any analysis using our up to date imagery; users can also go back through historic imagery over the project. Furthermore, images can also be downloaded – allowing them to be used in internal reports or data packs.

The image portal allows users to:

  • View the asset and its surrounding area at different zoom levels
  • Zoom in to conduct an in-depth analysis of the project
  • Zoom out on the whole construction project and adjacent properties
  • View and download imagery over time of an area of interest


Learn more about the image service portal in our online user guide.


The world’s landscape changes fast. Keep on top of important changes across your locations easily and efficiently with notifications.

No need to manually check back for new images – we’ll let you know as soon as a new image has been acquired over your location and is available in the portal. If you are an Intelligence Service customer, you will also be notified whenever a new Insight is found over any of your saved sites.

Find out more about notifications here.

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