high resolution satellite imagery

Access and download the latest high-resolution satellite imagery from across the globe, curated specifically for business applications.

  • defining high resolution satellite imagery

    Technological advances are driving down the cost of accessing the latest, high-resolution satellite images. With Bird.i you can now consume high-resolution satellite imagery on demand, without the hassle of sourcing and purchasing individual images. Free satellite imagery often holds a lower resolution (between 10-20m) for larger-scale applications, but it’s simply not detailed enough for many business applications. Using commercial imagery from Bird.i offers resolutions between 1.5m and 30cm meaning you can take a closer look at any asset of interest, anywhere in the world.

  • how we acquire high-res satellite images

    Daily, we curate millions of square kilometres of fresh satellite imagery, acquired by our partners’ satellites. These satellites produce imagery between a 1.5m and 30cm resolution. This means when images are viewed in the Bird.i platform, 1 pixel on the screen represents 1.5m – 30cm on the ground.

  • Our Satellite Imagery Providers

  • view and download

    The Bird.i portal allows users to view and download the latest high-resolution satellite imagery from across the globe. Plans start from just $75 for a basic package. Why not give it a go? The latest high-resolution satellite imagery is only a few clicks away. Check out our pricing plans here or schedule a demo below.

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