high resolution satellite imagery

Free satellite imagery often holds a lower resolution (between 10m to 20m) for larger-scale applications, but it’s simply not detailed enough for many business applications. Access the latest high resolution satellite imagery with Bird.i.

  • understanding satellite image resolution

    Daily, we curate millions of square kilometres of fresh satellite images acquired by our partners’ satellites. Each satellite produces images at different resolution. When the images are viewed via our Portal or through the API, they are selected according to the users’ zoom level. The lowest zoom level is at 1.5m resolution (i.e. 1 pixel on the image represents 1.5m on the ground) over an area the size of a Formula 1 circuit. At the highest zoom level, users can get up to 30cm resolution over an area the size of a football stadium.

  • the democratisation of satellite imagery

    Technological advances are driving down the cost and ease of gaining access to the latest, highest quality satellite images. We’re seeing the emergence of many new commercial Earth observation satellite operators, with more than 600 satellites being predicted to launch over the next decade. With Bird.i you can now consume high resolution satellite imagery on demand, without the hassle of sourcing and purchasing individual images.

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